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1to3 Capital B.V.

1to3 Capital B.V. aims at (subordinated) loan-crowdfunding for renewable energy projects in (predominantly) emerging markets, with specific focus on solar energy projects and companies.

Solar energy is becoming rapidly a generation source of choice. Traditional electricity supply through large centralised schemes in the form of independent power producing companies that sell electricity to utilities under a guarantee from the home country’s government is replaced at large scale by smaller initiatives through different business models.

Solar finance propositions below a certain threshold (~ EUR 20 million) do not fit the transaction cost structure development banks are able to handle. The few development banks active in emerging markets leave herewith a very large market unattended which face otherwise very high local interest rates at uneconomic short tenors and no access to ‘bankability’ knowhow.

1to3 Capital aims to provide finance solutions for this important market segment i.a. through offering (subordinated) loan-crowdfunding enabling a broad investor base to help fund these important projects.

1to3 Capital standardises business cases for finance purposes with no concessions to due diligence. Hence, all ventures are excel-re-modelled, described in a very detailed ‘Project Description’ including thorough risk matrices.

The 1to3 Capital team has more than 20 years of experience in energy projects, predominantly in emerging markets, and is at the heart of these developments from having been the architect of the European Commission’s ‘ElectriFI’ programme (followed swiftly by the US’ Electrifying Africa programme) and (early) involvement in the Renewable Energy Co-operation Platform Finance Catalyst, an initiative by GIZ Germany.

1to3 Capital provides for a thorough approach and access to many suitable projects, please contact us for more information.