How does it work?


Apply for a loan

Easy access to capital. Crowdpartners has account holders who are happy to invest in loans issued to your company and/or for real estate projects.
Crowdpartners receives your financing request via one of its partners or directly via the application form on the website. The complete application is assessed by Crowdpartners and a risk classification is established. After acceptance of the Crowdpartners term-sheet, the documentation is drawn up. When the loan has been signed, the financing with the project information memorandum is presented on the website. Before the account holders invest online, they can also take note of the loan agreement.

The Crowdpartners Loan Manager Foundation (“Stichting Crowdpartners Leningmanager”) manages and coordinates the loan on behalf of the investors so that everything runs efficiently and any collateral is administered and managed by the Crowdpartners Collateral Agent Foundation (“Stichting Crowdpartners Zekerhedenmanagement”). The money flows run through the trust foundation “Stichting Crowdpartners Trust”.

During the term of the loan, the monthly instalment of interest and repayment is collected from you by Crowdpartners and they take care of the crediting to the account of the investors, who, just like you, can follow everything in their “My Crowdpartners” environment. You have the option to repay your loan earlier in accordance with the loan conditions and you will receive an overview of your loan and the interest and repayments paid each year.

Crowdfunding provides you with ambassadors, customers and publicity and is therefore of benefit for your company.

Crowdpartners is professional and reliable, has registered investors and is supervised by the Dutch financial markets supervision authority AFM.