Crowdpartners team


Crowdpartners is an unique marketplace lending platform. In close co-operation with multiple partners we offer a widespread range of interesting financing opportunities to allow investors to directly lend money to small and medium sized companies, or to finance real estate projects under our brand Crowdbricks, i.e. ‘buy-to-let’ loans for private individuals or commercial real estate for SME’s. Next to that we offer ‘warehousing’ services for loan portfolios and white label solutions based on our platform.

The diversity of partners earmarks the Crowdpartners platform since it was established in 2014. The combined forces make it more impactful, better scalable and positions it for accelerated growth. The investors can invest online, have 24/7 easy and secure access to their portfolio and all relevant information simply by logging in.

The backbone of the Crowdpartners platform is based on robust financial software. In order to assess the underlying risks of the various proposals in a uniform way we classify risks according to international standards.

Crowdpartners believes in cost-efficient intermediation to provide suitable financing with an adequate risk – return profile and applies proper due care principles. Key words: operational excellence and high-quality execution.

Crowdpartners is supervised by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).

Please let us know if you would like to get in touch with the team, to learn more or explore business opportunities.