You can make transfers using the following details:

Payee account: NL34 ABNA 0437 8482 48
In the name of: Stichting Crowdpartners Trust
Description: quote your Crowdpartners account number

NAfter the money has been credited to your Crowdpartners account, you can decide to invest your credit in one or more projects on our website at any time.

You can also invest directly via iDeal directly or if the credit balance in your account is too low.

Your data and accounts are properly secured. By activating the two-factor authentication to access your account, you strengthen the security.

Opening an account with Crowdpartners is very simple and only takes four online steps. Click on the ‘open account’ button.

1. Make your choice for the type of account you want to open, for example private or business.

2. Enter your details online. In order to open an account, you will need the following: your citizen service number, a copy of the proof or proofs ID of the account holder or holders and in the case of a business account, the Chamber of Commerce number and an extract from the Chamber of Commerce. You can upload it straight away or send it later by e-mail or by post.

3. Accept the Crowdpartners Terms and Conditions online and sign the User Agreement. Both the General Terms and Conditions and the User Agreement can be viewed online in advance and printed, if needed.

After completion, you will receive a welcome e-mail and you can start using your account to invest immediately. After your documents have been checked, the account becomes final.

In line with the regulations of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets [AFM], an investor test is taken when you invest for the first time to make you aware of the risks of investing in crowdfunding. The results are shown immediately.

Double-click with the left mouse button or single-click with the right mouse button and open the PDF in a new window.

Crowdpartners is regulated by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets [AFM]. They monitor us and ensure that Crowdpartners cannot misappropriate your money.

The money that you want to invest in a project is kept in a trust account. This account belongs to Stichting Crowdpartners Trust and operates independently from Crowdpartners B.V. The directors of this foundation and the management board of Crowdpartners B.V. are different people. This guarantees that the money flows from the investors to the projects and the interest and capital repayments of the projects to the investors run completely separated from Crowdpartners B.V.

Crowdpartners BV can, therefore, never use the money that you want to invest in projects for making other payments. Your investments are allocated to the projects of your choice.

The minimum investment in a project is €250 and may not exceed 49% of the target amount.

A consumer can invest a maximum of €80,000 through Crowdpartners, in line with the regulations of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets [AFM]. Such a limit does not apply to business investors. We assume that you take responsible risks when investing through crowdfunding.

No, the registration stops once the target amount is achieved. Immediately after achieving the amount, the registration is closed and the money is made available to the applicant. Monthly interest and capital repayments usually start the following month.

Yes, you can add a second account holder when opening the account.

Yes, you can invest via iDeal. For example, if there is no or insufficient credit in your Crowdpartners account.

Crowdpartners has partnered up with Mollie Payments B.V. and its trust account Stichting Mollie Payments. That is why the iDeal transfer states the payee as “Stichting Mollie Payments re Stichting Crowdpartners Trust”. Mollie Payments is under the constant supervision of De Nederlandsche Bank N.V. [DNB].

After completion of the iDeal transfer, you confirm the investment as usual.

The investment is processed instantly and immediately visible in your My Crowdpartners environment and subsequently displayed in your Crowdpartners account and transaction overview the next business day.

Investing via iDeal is free of any charges.

We publish the project information at least 48 hours before registration on a project opens so that account holders can take note of it.

If you want to invest, you can anticipate by transferring money to your Crowdpartners account or if you do not have an account yet, by opening one.  

The time left before the 48-hour period has expired is shown.

You will be notified when a loan has been provided. The first instalment is usually paid in the following month.

We aim to pay all instalments of your projects into your Crowdpartners account every 26th day of the month, or the first business day thereafter if the 26th day coincides with a weekend or a public holiday. The monthly account and administrative expenses are deducted on that day as well. These are calculated on the basis of the total amount invested by you at the end of the previous month. Subsequently, the total of your net monthly instalments received for all your projects is automatically transferred to your fixed contra account.

When you are logged in, your account overview in “My Crowdpartners” lists all transactions and instalments broken down into interest and capital repayments per project and the deducted expenses.

Each loan offered through Crowdpartners is characterised by a term and an interest rate. The entire loan must be repaid by the end of the term at the latest, but the method of repaying may differ. In most cases, periodic capital repayments are made during the term of the loan. If it concerns an annuity loan, a fixed amount of interest and capital repayments is paid to the investors each month. A part of the principal sum is, therefore, repaid every month. A linear loan periodically repays a fixed percentage of the principal in addition to the monthly interest payments.

As an investor, you choose the proposition which you want to invest in. You indicate how much you want to invest and subsequently become a party to the loan agreement. That part of your total account balance is now earmarked as a commitment for this proposition. The funds remain in your account, but they are moved to the heading reservation. Once the application for the loan has reached the target amount, the loan will be transferred to the applicant and the balance in your account will be reduced by the amount promised. Monthly interest and/or capital repayments commence thereafter.

The deposit guarantee scheme guarantees certain balances of account holders at a bank that can no longer meet its obligations. Account holders are refunded their deposits up to a maximum, subject to certain conditions. Unlike savings at a bank, the loans or shares provided by crowd funders do not fall under the deposit guarantee scheme or any other guarantee scheme. This means that investing through crowdfunding carries an increased risk.

Crowdpartners places high demands on applications that are received through our partners. First of all, we select our partners on the basis of their expertise, experience and reputation. As far as the applications through our partners are concerned, we are seeking the greatest possible certainty that the applicant is able to repay the loan during the term. This means that we look at the solvency and profitability of the company, its legal structure, debt history and the people behind the company or property. We also rate the creditworthiness ourselves and use the score of Graydon for the payment valuation. Based on the above, Crowdpartners assigns a risk classification to the company and/or the person making the application. During the term of the loan, the borrowers are asked for regular updates in order to inform you, as an investor, on the progress of the company. As an investor, you are kept in the loop of the growth of the company or the status of the property.

No, we guarantee your privacy. Your account can only be accessed by you.