Investment risks

Crowdpartners BV is the administrator of this website. Crowdpartners is the platform where investors and borrowers of capital meet. Crowdpartners does not give investors any advice about the investment possibilities on its website.

An investor makes the decision to make a certain investment entirely independently. As such, he is aware that he is investing in a high-risk venture and that the investment will not yield any return and/or that the entire investment will be lost.



Although Crowdpartners pays the utmost attention to ensure that the data on its website/platform is reliable and up to date, inaccuracies or omissions cannot always be prevented. Hence Crowdpartners cannot be held liable for damage resulting from inaccuracies or omissions in the information provided, nor can Crowdpartners be held liable for damage resulting from problems, including liability for damage caused on account of third parties that have been engaged, which problems are inherent to the distribution of information via the Internet, such as breakdowns, interruptions or delays in the transmission of information.


Use of information

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