beeld crowdpartners


  • Are investors subject to a limit per project?
  • As an investor, are my account details public?
  • Can I also open a joint account?
  • Can I invest via iDeal?
  • Can I still invest if the target amount has been achieved?
  • Crowdfunding is not covered by the deposit guarantee scheme
  • How do I open a Crowdpartners account?
  • How do I open a PDF document in My Crowdpartners?
  • How do I transfer money to my Crowdpartners account?
  • How safe is investing through Crowdpartners?
  • How well are my data/accounts secured?
  • Is there a limit to investing through Crowdpartners?
  • What can I do as an investor to make projects that I have invested in successful?
  • What happens to the money after investing?
  • When does the invested amount have to be repaid by?
  • When will I receive my interest and capital repayments?
  • Why does a project sometimes say ‘Open for investment in:’?